1000 Words: Day One

This week I’m gathering writing prompts and I’ll be writing ~1000 words each day to inspire myself and quite simply - get writing. This first piece had come from a strange thing one of my regulars said the other week “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.”

The Traveller, The Hunter and The Warrior

“If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room,” the traveller announced knowingly. Seemingly wise words coming from a man wearing such a ridiculous hat, I thought. It was woolly and a strange muddy green colour, bits of fluff careered off it in different directions and there were several strange stains on it. Well, you know what they say about hats looking like their owners… or something like that. The rest of his attire fared little better, he wore beige slacks that had soaked up rainwater to the knees. He also wore an oversized jumper of a multitude of colours, it sagged strangely and the many holes inferred that the bag at his feet wasn’t full of spare clothing. A scruffy beard adorned his weak jaw and his glazed blue eyes glittered in the lamplight, much to the adoration of the two local girls sat at the table with this -so called- mysterious stranger.

They swooned and giggled as he launched himself into yet another tale of daring adventure. Something about fighting off half a dozen Wildlings in the waste. I’d bet my next bounty that he’d never been to the Wastes and if faced with a Wildling would leave nothing but a sudden gust and a trail of piss. In fact he’d probably never seen one of the feral ones, the creature could pick the woollen monstrosity from his head and he’d be none the wiser. He was a vague sort, the type of “traveller” who has visited a few too many coffee palaces in the North. Lucky Bastard. It’s been over a cycle since I last found myself in a coffee palace. A pipe and an espresso, that’s what I need; rather than to be stuck in a dive bar at 3am.

“I admire the Wildlings really,” the faux air of wisdom continued, “They’ve gone back to their primitive states, hunched over and animal. Beautifully wild. They live off the land, they’ve really, truly embrace nature out there.”

The girls gazed over their cooling mugs of cyder with awe at this new philosophical proclamation. Personally I choked on my particular mouthful of the spiced liquid. The traveller clambered awkwardly from the bench with the gait and grace of a baby giraffe and ordered another round from the barkeep who somehow looked less impressed at this young man than I was. Though I did suffer a close up scent of the dreaded hat. He smiled at us both.

“Y’know… We could really learn a lot from the Wildlings.”

“Yes,” I said, breaking my silence, “such as how to skin and eat a live human.”

I received a thankful wink from the barkeep has a pressed my coins into his had. The

two local girls looked furious at me but Monsieur Voyage wasn’t looking at anything except the floor. Too many folk romanticise the Wastes. It’s not an idyllic uncharted land, it’s a barren hell of our own creation.

In the odd moment that followed I took my leave. I cannot abide useless people nor those who waste my time. My contact clearly wasn’t making an appearance tonight.

* * *

As I walked out onto the street I mulled over the wiseman’s thoughts. Thinking literally, you can say that everyone in the cities take up too much room. There’s poverty, overpopulation, pollution, crime… but who wants to live on the edge, out near the Wastes? I’ll take a mugging in the crowded capital any day. Not that i have a choice in the matter. Too much of my work takes me out there, but do I prefer waiting in lousy saloons for contacts that never show up? No. Waiting is not my forte. Hunting is.

All hope of finding my contact is gone, few people would be willing to venture out onto the sodden street. The brickwork gleams with water and though the rain cuts through the fog I can still barely see a few yards ahead. There’s no puddles, the whole street is under several inches of water and the drains are doing nothing but create little currents that have already worked to soak through my boots.

I never stay far from a meeting place. I prefer to stake out the spot the day before, it prevents any unwarrented surprises. I hadn’t expected any surprises tonight but i’d at least expected my contact to show. He called himself Shial and he’d been reaching for my attention for a while now. Apparently this bounty meant a lot to him, something more than money was pushing this gent’s buttons. Eventually I had to give into my intrigue and arrange to meet.

Too many of my bounties run to the Wastes away from crimes of passion and petty theft just to be dragged back to jail in my custody. My last bounty turned up at the edge of the Wastes, half eaten and rotting with stolen jewels still in his pack.

I reached the inn in short time and ducked into the entrance all, dripping on the worn carpet. Avoiding the lounge, I headed straight to the top floor to bunk down. It’s strange how much  the rain saps my strength these days.

As soon as I stepped onto the fourth floor landing I immediately sensed something was wrong. A loose piece of sisal was wrapped around the door knob, the unwritten symbol in inns such as this for “do not disturb”, “go away” and “nothing to see here, move along”. Had I mistaken my room in my late night fatigue? No. I’d chosen that particular room for the clear view of the street.

I wasn’t mistaken. I had a visitor.

* * *

Plucking the blade from my boot I stepped quietly towards the door and pushed it open. It was slightly ajar, I was expected.

Sat in the shadows by the window, leaning against the sill, was a tall, muscular man who gangled. He wore a thick leather tunic which exposed thick biceps and suede slacks tucked into sturdy travelling boots. A wax cloak was draped over the chair in the corner with what looked like a sabre. I had a bad feeling about this man, he had the air of a Warrior.

He looked up calmly at the dagger pointed in his direction no doubt due to my own pistol in his hand, pointed in mine. Shadows of the rain outside the window danced over the slender barrel, lighting it up in the dark room.

“A good friend of mine missed an appointment with you tonight, Mr Cantillon. I need your assistance to find out why.” His voice was smooth and educated with a hint of the aristocracy, it didn’t fit with the shadowed figure I saw in front of me. I couldn’t put my finger what was wrong with this picture until he stepped into the light.

There was no doubt to be had. The tattoos that covered his arms, the deep scars on his face and neck; standing tall in front of me was a Wildling.

And he was asking for my help.

Day out in my home town…

I have had such a nice day today. I’m trying to kick some inspiration into myself this week so I’m staying away from Netflix (my Stargate marathoning is getting out of control) and I’m making sure to get out the house. Today I headed out to mooch around charity shops and it turned into a bit of a day trip… just in my home town.

I had no luck finding some jeans but in a ridiculous fluke the first charity shop I went into had Settlers of Catan in the window. Not only was it £1.99 but I discovered later that it’s brand new. Brand new! And £1.99! I was practically giddy.

2014-10-20 20.35.34

And after making this fantastic purchase I decided to celebrate with tea. There’s a lovely little craft shop/cafe called Rock, Paper, Scissors in Lincoln. It’s very sweet and I was chatting to one of the girls at work last night and she was telling me about a new tea they had in. A pot of lapsang souchong happened. Smokey tea!


It was very nice just to chill out and write with some tea and cake. I even treated myself to a gorgeous new notebook from paperchase. It’s covered in “cosmic” designs like suns and moons with faces… my mom has earrings with the same designs and it just made me think of her. Can’t go wrong with a pretty notebook.

When RPS closed I decided to have a wander up Steep Hill, which I don’t do nearly enough. I stopped at the tea shop mid way up which is now also an independent bookshop. Had a nice chat with the owner, some lovely tea and a read of a few books. Local authors too! Can’t believe I haven’t been to this cafe before.


After this I popped into the wine shop and was surprised to see that they’re beer selection has grown admirably. Three bottles in my backpack and a beergeeky later and I suddenly feel like a beer so I head to The Victoria. Both Ben (regular at work) and Kieran (camra pirate) go there all the time and I haven’t been in ages. I really love this pub, it’s quiet and old fashioned. So nice. Couple of halves, a cob and more writing and I’m practically oozing relaxation.

I finally strolled back down the hill with a spring in my step in spite of the cold. I haven’t had such a lovely quiet day in ages, nor a wander around the Cathedral quarter. I love my city. Now, to chill out, type up the little prompt piece I wrote today and drink some coffee (got some from Stokes… fancy!)

Had a walk up Steep Hill today. Hard work but pretty. 

Had a walk up Steep Hill today. Hard work but pretty. 

Drinking Lapsang Souchong at Rock Paper Scissors on recommendation. So good! #tea #cafe

Drinking Lapsang Souchong at Rock Paper Scissors on recommendation. So good! #tea #cafe

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minorgoddessofallfandoms said: If you don’t know what to write for nanowrimo why not write a collection of short stories based around the same theme or people or completely different themes/people. remember that it’s your choice. You could write fanfiction too if that’s what you’re into. I wrote a fanfic during camp nanowrimo last spring. There are lots of great ideas on the nanowrimo website and there’s a forum where you can steal characters/deaths/proposals etc. look there and maybe you’ll get inspired. Good luck

Thanks :)

Challenging myself!

As I’m STILL undecided about NaNoWriMo I’m making myself a challenge this week. Each day I’m gonna take a prompt and write 1000 words. Just 1000 words of anything in hope to inspire myself for NaNoWriMo.

Please give me some prompts. Anything really. What should I write about?


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I really want to do NaNoWriMo this year but I have no idea where to start. I have a lot of ideas floating around but more than anything I just want the chance to get something down and actually finish it.

Any advice for a first time NaNoWriMo-er?

There I few things that make me happier than David Mitchell in drag.

There I few things that make me happier than David Mitchell in drag.